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Academic Programmes

The healthcare environment is complex and on a global basis all health systems are addressing the challenges of increasing demand for high quality and safe services, rising public and staff expectations, new technologies and resource constraints. In response to this, healthcare professionals need continuing management education to enable them to effectively lead the design and delivery of health services. Additionally, they require a robust set of management competencies which are sustainable in the longer term.

The RCSI Institute of Leadership has developed NUI approved programmes at Professional Certificate, Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma and MSc Programmes (Levels 6 to 9 on the (National Framework of Qualifications) to meet these needs.

Students on the academic programmes can expect to develop their analytical and critical thinking skills through research and deepen their knowledge base regarding the practical application of management tools and concepts to management practice.

Graduates of our programmes will be required to demonstrate a critical awareness of the complexity of healthcare, business processes, finance, and information technology, and develop new insights into how they can better manage healthcare.

Applicants for all our courses must hold a primary degree and be working within the healthcare sector.