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The Alumni Office fosters relationships with benefactors, graduates and friends of RCSI.

RCSI has an international network of more than 20,000 Alumni working in 70 countries worldwide which is invaluable to RCSI students and alumni as they pursue careers of excellence.

Philip Hardy 

Dr Philip Hardy, Co-ordinator for Undergraduate Teaching in Restorative Dentistry, Dublin Dental Hospital.

MSc in Leadership in Health Professions Education, 2010-2012.

 Hilda Gallagher


Ms Hilda Gallagher, Group Chief Operations Officer, Harvey Healthcare

MSc in Healthcare Management 2007-2009

 Matthew Sadlier

 Dr Matthew Sadlier, Consultant Psychiatrist, Mater Hospital

MSc in Leadership & Management Development 2009-2011 

 Zena Moore

Prof Zena Moore, Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery, RCSI.

MSc in Health Professions Education 2011-2013