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Our Typical Course Participant

At the Institute of Leadership, we believe that leaders and managers are made, not born, and our function is to provide the opportunity for all health professionals to reach their full potential.


Over 450 doctors, nurses, pharmacists, scientists, allied health professionals, researchers and administrators are registered on our Masters' programmes at any given time with many more taking our professional development programme. They work in hospitals, community-based healthcare, government agencies, academic & research institutions or pharmaceutical, biotechnology & medical devices companies.


Our typical course participant is proactive, open to exploring new ways of learning and thinking, is keen to learn from and share their experience with others and motivated to develop themselves and their organisations in order to improve the delivery of healthcare to patients.The best laboratory for one's leadership development is one's own biography complemented by formal training & development. 

Professor Ciarán O Boyle, Head of the Institute, speaking at a recent conferring captured the central mission of the Institute when he said “We are focused on to the formation of a new generation of healthcare leaders.  Our graduates, now in nine different countries, are well placed to assist their communities and organisations to cope with the emerging challenges in providing safe, modern and effective healthcare for the greatest number of patients.”