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Elmusharaf, K., Byrne, E. and O'Donovan, D. (2017) Social and traditional practices and their implications for family planning: a participatory ethnographic study in Renk, South Sudan. Reproductive Health (Q2 (PUBLIC, ENVIRONMENTAL & OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH - SCIE) 67/173) - Impact factor 2.035) 2017;14(1):10. Available at http://epubs.rcsi.ie/ilhmart/22/

Donaldson, L., Matthews, A., Walsh, A , Manda-Taylor, L. , MacDonald, S., Brugha, R. , Mwapasa, V., and Byrne, E., (2017) Collaborative Tools to Enhance Engagement in a Blended Learning Master's Programme, in AISHE-J: The All Ireland Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Available at http://bit.ly/2mN7HdD

Mary-Ann O'Donovan, Philip McCallion, Elaine Byrne, Mary McCarron. (2017) Measuring choice for adults with an intellectual disability - a factor analysis of the adapted Daily Choice Inventory Scale, Journal of Intellectual Disability Research. (Q1 (EDUCATION SPECIAL) 7/39 & Q1 (REHABILITATION (SOCIAL SCIENCE)) 14/70 - Impact factor 1.788) Available at http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/(ISSN)1365-2788/earlyview

• Accepted
Elmusharaf, K., Byrne, E. and O'Donovan, D. (2017) Patterns of pathways to reach Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care (CEmONC) in South Sudan: Qualitative Diagrammatic Pathway Analysis, BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth (Q2 OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY - SCIE 28/80 - Impact factor 2.180)

• Submitted
Connolly, P. & student, Use of OSCE in Enhancing Communication skills, Clinical Teacher

Ferris France, N., Macdonald, S. H., Conroy, R., Chiroro, P., Ni Cheallaigh, D., Nyamucheta, M., Mapanda, B.,and Byrne, E. (2016) ‘We are the change' - an Innovative Community-Based Response to Address Self-Stigma: A pilot study of people living with HIV in Zimbabwe. PLoS One (Q1 (MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES) 11/63 - Impact factor - 3.057)

O'Donovan, M-A; Mannan, H; McVeigh, J; McCarron, M; McCallion, P; Byrne, E (2016) Core human rights concepts in Irish health and housing policy documents: in search of equity for people with ID, Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities (Q4 HEALTH POLICY AND SERVICES(67/71): REHABILITATION (56/70) - Impact factor - 0.615)

Walsh A, Brugha R, Byrne E. (2016) Ethical universalism versus relativism in north-south health research partnerships - a Zambian case study. BMC Medical Ethics (Q1 MEDICAL ETHICS - SCIE (3/17) - Impact factor 1.840)

Book chapters
• Published:
Crowley-Henry, M., and Collins, M. (2017). Millennial expatriates. In Y. McNulty & J. Selmer (Eds). Research Handbook of Expatriates. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.

• Submitted:
Collins, M. Learning Organisation in Dr Elizabeth Curtis (TCD) and Dr John Cullen (Maynooth University) (Eds) Leadership for Health Professionals' (title TBC) McGraw Hill

Ferris-France, N., McDonald, S., Conroy, R. and Byrne, E. Ch 10 Assessing, understanding and measuring TB self-stigma in context: an agenda for change in TB Stigma Measurement Guidance

Ferris-France, N., McDonald, S., Conroy, R. and Byrne, E. Ch 10 Companion Curriculum to Assessing, understanding and measuring TB self-stigma in context: an agenda for change TB Stigma Measurement Companion Curriculum