00Introduction to CyberPsychology l Mary Aiken l RCSI Leadership

Introduction to CyberPsychology

As a discipline, CyberPsychology is concerned with the impact of emerging technologies on human behaviour.

CyberPsychologists study human interactions with the Internet, social media, mobile technologies, games consoles, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and any other technology that has the potential to shape human behaviour. The field is rapidly evolving into an established field within applied psychology. Researchers from all branches of psychology are currently interested in cyberspace, including cognitive, social, educational, organisational, clinical and experimental psychologists. If you wish to find out more about CyberPsychology check out this short video by Mary Aiken, CyberPsychologist, Research Fellow and Director of RCSI Cyberpsychology Research Centre.

Additional Resources on CyberPsychology: