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Delivery & Design

The MSc in Quality and Safety in Healthcare Management programme is designed to facilitate staff working in the health service. The MSc is a part-time programme delivered using a combination of classroom contact days supported by online learning and tutorials. The Postgraduate Diploma requires completion of six learning modules each requiring three contact days.


The MSc Degree requires the completion of a dissertation in addition to the six learning modules undertaken in year one. The Postgraduate Diploma is worth 60 credits and requires completion of the six modules in year one. Most participants complete the Postgraduate Diploma in one academic year and the MSc Degree in two academic years.


Given the time constraints on participants, the programmes are flexible and can be completed over a five-year period.


Timetable for MSc in Quality & Safety in Healthcare Management Academic Year 2018/2019  


Semester 1 Date Location
Orientation Day 27th -28th Aug 2018 Institute of Leadership
Module 1: Introduction to Quality & Safety in Healthcare 10th – 12th Sept 2018 Institute of Leadership
Module 2: Tools and Frameworks for Quality 22nd – 24th Oct 2018 Institute of Leadership
Module 3: Evaluation, Measurement & Research

3rd – 5th Dec 2018

Institute of Leadership
Semester 2 Date Location

Module 4: Leadership & Strategic Management

14th – 16th Jan 2019 Institute of Leadership

Module 5: Accreditation & Standards

25th – 27th Feb 2019 Institute of Leadership
Module 6: Clinical Governance 8th – 10th Apr 2019 Institute of Leadership
Exam Day May 2019 RCSI St Stephens Green
Semesters 3 & 4 Date Location
Action Learning Sets 2019/20 Institute of Leadership

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