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Delivery and Design

The Msc Quality & Safety in Healthcare programme is delivered over two academic years (October – May). The first year consists of six taught modules which consist of four days of on-campus lectures and activities with the remainder of the module dedicated to reading and assignment completion.  Two days of each module’s four on-campus day are at the weekend.  This means that, in Year 1, you take off 12 work days, if you work Sunday - Thursday. You will also be required to attend a three-day orientation programme which will be held from Thursday - Saturday.

Year 2 comprises a work-based organisational development change project worth three modules.  You will be supported by a number of seminars and facilitation.  All on-campus interactions in Year 2 are held on the weekend.

Our courses are offered in three locations, Dublin, Bahrain and Dubai. This means you may have the opportunity to take some of your modules in another country.