00Deliver and Design of MSc Quality and Safety in Healthcare - Bahrain

Delivery & Design

MSc in Quality and Safety in Healthcare is hpsted in Bahrain and is delivered over two years. Participants attend sessions between October and May each year. Students are required to attend an Orientation day at the beginning of the programme. In the first year there are 6 taught modules, each lasting four days. Students are also required to attend an orientation day.


In the second year there are two taught modules, each four days in duration. There is also a practice-based dissertation, which is the equivalent of four modules.  Students will be expected to attend a number of tutorials facilitated sessions throughout the year.


The MSc in Quality and Safety in Healthcare is are offered in three locations – Dublin, Bahrain & Dubai. This means you will have the opportunity to take some of your modules in another country.

Provisional timetable for MSc in Quality and Safety in Healthcare - Bahrain:


Semester 1 Date Location
Module 1: Introduction to Quality & Safety in Healthcare 10th-13th Oct 2018 Institute of Leadership
Module 2: Tools and Frameworks for Quality 14th-17th Nov 2018 Institute of Leadership
Module 3: Evaluation, Measurement & Research

16th – 19th Jan 2019

Institute of Leadership
Semester 2 Date Location

Module 4: Leadership & Strategic Management

20th–23rd Feb 2019 Institute of Leadership

Module 5: Clinical Governance

20th–23rd Mar 2019 Institute of Leadership
Module 6: Accreditation & Standards 26th–29th April 2019 Institute of Leadership
Exam Day Early May 2019 Institute of Leadership
Semesters 3 & 4 Date Location

Action Learning Sets 

2019/2020 Institute of Leadership