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"The Irish Air Corps has been recruiting and training Pilots since theformation of the State. Many former Air Corps Pilots have in the pastand are currently holding senior management positions in Air Lingus,City Jet, Ryanair, the AAIU and the IAA.

When recruiting Pilots we are searching not just for people who canmaster the art of flying a high performance Military Aircraft butindividuals who can lead not only in the Air but also on the Ground.

We are searching for Men and Women who can withstand the rigors ofintensive Military Training and who have the necessary skills to becomean Officer in the Permanent Defence Forces.

Training a Military Pilot is an expensive business where mistakes canbe costly, it is therefore essential that every effort is made toensure that the correct candidate is selected.

Since 2006 Mr. Paul Harris from the RCSI Institute of Leadership andHealthcare Management has been contracted by the Air Corps through PARCaviation recruitment to evaluate the final 50 candidates. Paul hascarried out psychometric testing and evaluation on all Air Corpscandidates attending for final interviews thus directly contributing toa 20% increase in Pilot success rates since 2006.

On several occasions when circumstance demanded Paul was able toconsult directly with his faculty colleagues in order to ensure thatthe correct analysis and in turn the correct decision was made. Thisaccess to the wider RCSI collegiate provided a depth of confidence inre-affirming that the right decisions were made.

As President of the interview board over the past 4 years, I wascompletely satisfied with the level of dedication and professionalismdisplayed by Paul at all times and would hope to continue ourcollaboration, circumstance permitting, into the future."

J. A. Lynott, Lt. Col. OC Air Corps College