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Diploma in Children & Loss

The Irish Hospice Foundation

The Irish Hospice Foundation runs two programmes in conjunction with the RCSI Institute of Leadership: MSc in Bereavement Studies and a Certificate in Children and Loss. The Foundation’s vision is that no one should have to face death or bereavement without appropriate care and support. The aim of the Foundation is to facilitate the practice of hospice care in all its aspects and this is achieved by working independently as well as in partnership with the statutory, voluntary and professional bodies concerned with hospice and palliative care in Ireland.

Diploma in Children & Loss

This course is designed to provide participants with theoretical content, skills training and experiential work in this important area. Topics include: younger children and loss; adolescents and loss; parental separation; traumatic deaths and therapeutic interventions with children. In addition, there are two full-day integrative tutorials, designed to help participants integrate workshop material into their own work settings.

For Course content enquiries please contact:
Orla Keegan
Course Director,
Irish Hospice Foundation,
32 Nassau Street, Dublin 2.
Tel: (01) 6793188 Fax: (01) 6730040
E-mail: orla.keegan@hospice-foundation.ie

Further details are available online at www.hospice-foundation.ie