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Frequently Asked Questions

What courses does RCSI Dubai offer?
We offer 2 Master's programmes:

Are RCSI Dubai's programmes accredited?
Yes our programmes are accredited by:

The Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) acting on behalf of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Higher Education & ScientificResearch (MOHESR) and The National University of Ireland (NUI). 

For more about accreditation in UAE click here.

How long does it take to complete the Masters programme?
It takes 2 academic years: Year 1 - October - May Year 2 - September - May

How many intakes are there per year?
Currently there is one intake per year, in October.  

 How much does the MSc programme cost?
For updated tuition fee schedule please refer to the fees section.

How are the programmes delivered?
The Master’s programmes are delivered using blended learning, i.e. classroom contact and distance learning.  Six taught modules are delivered in Year 1.  The classroom-based part of each module is four days in length.  Participants come to the RCSI Dubai campus on six occasions in Year 1 for four days each time.  

What are the classroom based days for the modules?
Year 1:  Friday - Monday Year 2:  Friday - Saturday

What are the module dates? Please click on the relevant course for a provisional timetable:

Are these MSc programmes delivered in other countries?
Yes. The same MSc programmes are delivered at our other campuses in Ireland and Bahrain

RCSI Institute of Leadership Operation Campuses

Are there differences between the MSc programmes in the various locations?
No. Participants in all locations explore the same content with international faculty and receive the same degree.  For relevance, some location-specific examples may be used for in-class resources and discussions.

Can I take some modules at the other locations?
Yes, once a request is accepted by the relevant module leader and programme director.

What happens if I have to leave the program after one year?
If you have successfully passed the assignments for all six Year 1 modules, you will receive an internationally recognised Postgraduate Diploma in your chosen programme.

Can I take a break during the MSc programme and return to it at a later date?
Yes. The minimum time required to complete the MSc programme is 2 years.  However, the programme is flexible in that you can complete it within 5 years.  This means that you can complete a number of modules and, once you have successfully completed the modules assignments, you will not have to re-take those modules or re-submit for those assignments, provided you complete the MSc programme within five years.

Applying to the Programme

What are the programme entry requirements?
As the MSc programmes are accredited, it is necessary to satisfy the CAA’s requirements for entry to all accredited MSc programmes in the UAE.  Please click here for more information on Entry Requirements.

How do I apply?
Applicants can apply online at:

MSc in Healthcare Management

MSc in Quality & Safety in Healthcare Management 

Should I gather all the required documentation first before sending in the application form?
No. Getting all the relevant documentation together can take time.  It is better you send in the application form so that we are aware of your interest.  You can send in the documentation as and when it is ready.

What happens once I submit my application?
We will contact you and confirm receipt of your submission.  Our administration staff are knowledgeable and happy to guide you through the application process.

What is the application deadline?
We do not specify a deadline, as places are limited and the programmes are popular.  Applications are received up to eleven months before the next intake.  You are advised to apply early.

What is an Equivalency Certificate and why do I need one?
An Equivalency Certificate is a confirmation from UAE MOE that a degree completed outside the UAE is of a required standard for entry to a CAA accredited Master’s programme.  The UAE MOE requires that all applicants to CAA accredited Master’s programmes, who hold a primary degree from outside the UAE, obtain an Equivalency Certificate.

Do I have to get an Equivalency Certificate as the UAE Ministry of Health has already attested my degree and cleared me to work in the UAE?
Yes.  If your primary degree was obtained outside the UAE, you still have to get an Equivalency Certificate from UAE MOE for entry to a CAA accredited Master’s programme.

My English Proficiency test result is slightly out of date.  Do I need to re-take the test?

Yes. The CAA requires that applicants must have an in-date English Proficiency test result when applying for a CAA accredited programme.  TOEFL and IELTS test results are in-date for 24 months.  Your test result should be in-date to the end of September of the year in which you are applying for an MSc programme.

It is difficult to get a date to sit an English Proficiency test.  Does RCSI Dubai offer a test onsite?
Yes.  We offer opportunities to take a paper-based TOEFL test at the RCSI Dubai campus.  Results are returned within 3 working days of sitting the test.  The cost of sitting the test at the RCSI Dubai campus is less than if you apply to other test centers.  Please inform our administration staff if you wish to avail of this service.

I have received an acceptance letter for a place and been requested to pay a 10,000 AED registration fee.  What happens if I cannot take up my place?
If you cannot take the place offered to you, 9500 AED will be refunded.  500 AED is an administration fee and is not refundable.  The 10,000 AED is non-refundable from the date of the first day of Module 1.

Who can I contact for more information?
We are happy to answer any queries you may have.  Meetings can be arranged with relevant faculty if you have specific questions relating to the programmes.  In the first instance, please contact:

Winona D'Souza, winonadsouza@rcsi.ie  

Tel: +971 4 375 2116

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