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Graduate & Current Student Testimonials

 Mohammad Najajreh

Name: Mohammad Najajreh
Course : MSc Quality & Safety in Healthcare management.
Job Title : Quality & Safety Officer .
Job Location: Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Hospital.

I was looking for a graduate program that encompassed the bigger system-wide issues that are currently affecting the healthcare system in UAE. As soon as I saw the information about the RCSI's MSc in Quality & Safety in Healthcare Management, I knew it was for me because it offered many topics that I was interested in. I have really enjoyed the program as it has opened up my eyes to the many changes that can be made in my organization, that can improve efficiency and save money while also improving quality and safety for the patient. Working with a wide range of clinicians and professionals has also broadened my perspective of how complex the issues are in the healthcare system and hardened my resolve to become a leader in facilitating a change for the better.

Personally, the MSc (QSHM) program at RCSI has effectively helped me develop and drive improvements to my personality as well as in my profession. The change management and quality improvement techniques I have learned have been invaluable. Two years ago I was working as nurse in-charge and by the end of my first year in the MSc program I was promoted to case manager in the Business Development Department. Now, after accomplishing the program I have moved to the Quality Department as Quality & Safety Officer. With an eye on career progression I've learned various new skills and knowledge that improved my career and my leadership skills and which has built a solid foundation for my future career development. I would strongly recommend the MSc (QSHM) to any professional who is involved in the healthcare system.

Ange-Marie El Rayess Hamra is MSc in Healthcare Management graduate, RCSI Dubai. 

Graduate Testimonial:

Course:   MSc in Healthcare Management  

Location:  Fetal Medicine and Genetic Center, Dubai Healthcare City

My name is Ange-Marie El Rayess-Hamra and I am the Clinic Manager at the Fetal Medicine and Genetic Center; a private facility operating in Dubai Healthcare City as an outpatient center for Obstetrics and Fetal Maternal Care, with a turnover of 750 to 1000 patients a month.  My responsibilities are diverse at the center and quite challenging.  However, my special interest is in developing the people working with me and empowering them, which I strongly believe gives them the opportunity to grow within the organization, acquire self-satisfaction and in return enhance the staff retention in our facility.

Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and long experience in patient care, helped me to a certain extent in my career but I was always eager to integrate it with leadership and management in healthcare, as I was constantly searching for ways to play an important role in improving healthcare services. The MSc in Healthcare Management that I completed with RCSI was a milestone in my achievements and allowed me to become a highly-confident and team player person.

A very important aspect in this perspective, is the way the courses were conducted at RCSI; they were primarily up to date and extracted from real life experiences and occurrences in healthcare worldwide, an aspect that allowed us as students to become diversified in our thinking and explore different aspects of management. The faculty delivering the program used highly interactive methods, role plays and team work to apply the knowledge, not forgetting the countless times we were given the opportunity to meet and receive lecturers and talks from locally and internationally renowned key players in the healthcare business.

I can only say that my experience with RCSI was a very pleasant and highly efficient one, which has affected my career in every positive way I can think of.  Thank you. 



Graduate Testimonial: Alaa Salah Mushtaha

Course: MSc in Healthcare Management

Location: Radiometer Medical, UAE.

Salam to all. My name is Alaa Salah Mushtaha and I have worked for Radiometer Medical as Area Sales Manager for the Middle East and North Africa, MENA, since 2010. My role is to lead, manage & implement an annual business plan, covering the entire MENA region (13 countries).

I completed my MSc in Healthcare Management in May 2012 from RCSI.

I found the part-time structure of the MSc program fitted perfectly with my busy work schedule and business travel. The MSc gave me the opportunity to practice the knowledge and skills learned in my work life. The part-time nature of the program also allowed time for family commitments.

I know it is challenging to study whilst working full-time but I am confident that leaders are capable of facing this kind of challenge. The RCSI management will guide you on how to keep a good balance between your study, work and your family commitments.

I strongly recommend all healthcare professionals to complete the MSc in Healthcare Management. It made me a better leader and increased my understanding of the healthcare system in the region.



Current Student Testimonial: Lana Al Omari

Course: MSc in Quality & Safety in Healthcare Management

Location: Al Rahba Hospital, UAE.

Along with my eagerness to learn, I decided to enter a master’s program to enhance my professional skills. A colleague recommended RCSI and after reading about the Quality and Safety in Healthcare Management (QSHCM) program online, it was an attractive option. With the immense support of my husband and encouragement of my family, I decided to take a step forward into this new stage in my life.

Reflecting on my first year of the QSHCM master’s program in Dubai has been quite an extraordinary experience. With each new assignment, there were many feelings of enjoyment and anxiety. Happily, the anxiety decreased as my self-confidence grew because I was able to positively apply what I was learning in my everyday work practices. I now have access to performing research and using best practice guidelines to improve the processes within my organization. This wonderful opportunity was also enriched by the various teaching styles of the three professors with whom I had the fortune to learn from and the students I was able to engage with throughout the in-class activities and group assignments.

Personally, I was able to excel in my studies and manage my time appropriately while juggling being a full time laboratory manager, a responsible wife, a mother caring for her young children, and a person facing life’s many unexpected obstacles. I will face new challenges implementing a change process for my dissertation project in year two; therefore to fulfill my goal will be to continually thrive and succeed.



Graduate Testimonial: Margaret Livadaris

Course:   MSc in Healthcare Management

Location:  Amana Healthcare, Dubai.

Asalamallakum. Greetings from Dubai. My name is Margaret Livadaris and I am currently the General Manager/ Chief Operating Advisor at Amana Healthcare.

I completed my MSc in Healthcare Management in Healthcare in November 2008 with RCSI Dubai. I had been like many in healthcare management who rose through the ranks because they seem to do a good job. However, I had a need to understand more; I wanted to be more effective and wanted to enable others to see their potential. I researched available courses and when I found that RCSI was offering an MSc in Leadership in Dubai, I enrolled right away.

I’ll be honest it wasn’t easy working full time, having 2 young children, pregnant with the 3rd and doing my MSc, however I truly enjoyed every moment. The theory and practical application of the course material meant that we learned firsthand about the challenges faced in healthcare and how to overcome them. We learned that although our healthcare system is different from many Western Countries we face the same challenges and pursue the same goals.

I would highly recommend this course for those who see themselves in a proactive leadership position within healthcare.  I strongly believe that the course has made me a better leader and given me a much stronger understanding of healthcare management.