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Irish Hospice Foundation

Irish Hospice Foundation

Irish Hospice Foundation

"The Irish Hospice Foundation initiated the Hospice Friendly HospitalsProgramme in partnership with the HSE in May 2006. The programme isfocused on putting hospice principles into hospital practice.

This pioneering initiative is a first within Irish and Europeanhealthcare. We were presented with the challenge of defining job roleswhich had not previously existed in the hospital system and toidentify, find and recruit only the best people into these roles; allwithin a very short timeframe. We needed a reputable organisation toget involved right from the start; one which could deliver at everystage of the process until we had recruited all the programme team.

We selected the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland’s Institute ofLeadership and Healthcare Management (ILHM) because of their uniquestanding within the Irish Health services and because the ILHM couldoffered a wide-ranging skillset comprising competency framework design,recruitment and selection, interview skills, psychometrics andpsychological consultancy and evidence-based reporting.

We were encouraged that they listened carefully to our needs, and thendesigned and consistently delivered to a high standard throughout theprocess. Their mode of engagement was important to us; their remitcovered every area from application form design and handling, throughto running a full assessment centre, participation and advice ininterviews, and delivering feedback to our new recruits.

The ILHM Consultants on this project, apart from being an interestinggroup of people, displayed a high work-ethic and were very focused intheir approach. The involvement of the ILHM promoted confidence in theprogramme among the senior staff in the hospitals that we were engagingwith. I would have no hesitation in recommending that organisationsgive serious consideration to the ILHM if they are engaging in anycompetencybased recruitment process."

Mervyn Taylor, Programme Manager, Hospice Friendly Hospitals