00Learning Outcomes - MSc in Leadership l Institute of leadership

Learning Outcomes


The Msc in Leadership programme will provide students with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Facilitate the personal and professional development of participants to increase their capacity to fulfil supervisory, managerial and leadership roles in a healthcare environment.

  • Develop the ability to challenge assumptions and to question values, beliefs and policies underpinning change and healthcare management, at individual and organisational levels.

  • Develop participants as reflective practitioners with the skills, confidence and awareness necessary to identify and implement evidence-based management and leadership practices.

  • Develop the ability to integrate skills, attitudes and knowledge gained throughout the programme and to apply these in practice.

  • Develop the ability to apply learning into the healthcare environment.

  • Develop the leadership competencies, skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to lead and to manage change effectively.

  • Develop competencies in people management particularly in relation to the management of multidisciplinary teams and transdisciplinary teams.


Learning on each module is assessed by one of a number of methods - individual assignment or team assignment.


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