00Institute of Leadership - Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the MSc programme students will possess:


  • Critical thinking skills around internal and external catalysts for quality and the core concepts of quality and safety
  • Skills in evaluating research and using measurement tools for quality and safety. 
  • Skills in managing and evaluating tools and frameworks for quality. 
  • The ability to provide effective leadership skills, for a changing healthcare environment. 
  • The skills to evaluate the concepts of governance including clinical risk management and audit. 
  • Effectively manage the accreditation process and evaluate the use of standards. 
  • The skills to carry out an organisational development project, demonstrate skills in learning from reflection of this experience and the skills to disseminate their projects.



Assessments take the form of case studies, applied group and individualassignments, change projects, examinations and poster presentations. You willalso participate in debates and action learning sets.