00Modules - MSc in Healthcare Management l RCSI Leadership

Modules Offered

MSc in Healthcare Management Programme at RCSI Institute of Leadership Programme design and delivery

Semester 1 (September - December)
Module 1: Managing Organisations and People (10 ECTS)

The aim of this module is to provide healthcare professionals with a thorough knowledge and understanding of how organisations and people develop and work.  It aims to enable managers and healthcare professionals to develop and apply their managerial and leadership competencies.

Module 2: Operations & Quality Management (10 ECTS)
The aim of thismodule is to provide an introduction to the concepts and methods of operationsmanagement that enhance service quality in healthcare organisations. It willprovide basic knowledge and understanding of how effective operations managementcan foster collaborative decision making and service integration resulting inpatient centred care within a healthcare setting.

Module 3: Evaluation, Measurement & Research (10 ECTS)
Healthcareprofessionals need to have the skills and knowledge to assess, implement and evaluatehealthcare interventions.  Evaluation,measurement and research challenge healthcare professionals to develop a strongevidence-based function within the healthcare services.

Semester 2: (January - May)
Module 4: Managing Finance in Healthcare Organisations (10 ECTS)
The aim of this module is to advance healthcare professionals’ knowledge of management and financial accounting practices and techniques. The module also aids the development of skills in the preparation and interpretation of financial statements and principles of costing and budgeting.  It also aids consideration of how accounting information is used for decision-making, performance measurement and control within their organisations.  

Module 5: Leadership & Strategic Management (10 ECTS)
Managers andhealthcare professionals are increasingly taking on a leadership role withinthe healthcare setting.  They facesignificant challenges of providing services whilst dealing with organisationalchange, leading teams and dealing with rising public expectations. They arealso required to be strategic in their approach as they seek to adaptorganisations and services to an ever changing external environmental. This module helps develop healthcare managers to lead and take strategic decisions for successful change within the healthcare system.

Module 6: Quality & Risk Management (10 ECTS)
This module aims to introducehealthcare professionals to the current practices, catalysts and drivers forquality, safety and risk in healthcare and provide them with the knowledge andskills to implement a safe and quality service in all healthcare settingswithin a risk and governance framework.

Semester 3 & 4
Action Learning Sets & Action Research Project

In order to fulfill the requirements for an MSc degree, you must complete the six modules outlined above and conduct a change management project in your organisation. This component of the programme is facilitated via action learning sets.

The project is assessed on the basis of three components: a project report, a reflective diary and a poster presentation. You will be assisted in carrying out your project and in writing your report through action learning sets, which are designed to help you and your colleagues work on real management issues.
Participants on our MSc programmes in the past have produced considerable developments in their organisations and many projects have resulted in significant improvements, substantial cost savings and publications in management journals.


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