00Modules - MSc in Healthcare Management (Bahrain) l RCSI Bahrain

Modules Offered

Year 1

Managing People and Organisations

This module introduces you to organisational structure and culture, teamwork, conflict, power and influence, and change management. You will learn how to use analytical management tools. The module is supported by the development of your individual electronic portfolio.

Operations and Quality Management

In this module you examine the patient journey using process mapping, identifying areas for improvement and discussing the concept of lean management. Project management tools are introduced and applied as part of the learning.

Evaluation, Measurement & Research

Modern health services require a complex range of information to support evidence-based practice. In this module, you will learn how to collect, analyse, interpret and present valid & reliable data as a foundation for evidence based practice.

Financial Management
This module introduces you to financial and management accounting. Topics covered include; preparation and interpretation of financial accounts, working capital, cash flow forecasting, budgeting and costs and costing.

Quality & Risk Management
Quality maintenance and improvement is necessary in healthcare given the imperative of maximising patient safety. Here you will explore the concepts of quality, safety and risk and examine current best-practice in a variety of healthcare contexts.

Leadership and Strategic Management
Different approaches to leadership and your preferred leadership style are explored here. You learn how to design and implement strategy using a wide variety of tools to understand the external environment and assess the internal strengths and weaknesses of your organisation.

Year 2

Change management project
You will carry out a change or organisational development project that will impact positively on your workplace. The project has 3 components: a project report, a poster presentation and a reflective diary. The project is facilitated with action learning sets. 


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