00Modules - MSc Quality & Safety in Healthcare - Bahrain

Modules Offered

Year 1


Introduction to Quality & Safety in Healthcare

This module provides an introduction to the concepts of quality and safety in healthcare. These concepts are located within all healthcare systems and reform programmes. The evolution of quality and its pioneers are addressed as are the catalysts and drivers for quality. The dimensions of quality as viewed by key influential thinkers are debated and applied to the various areas of practice.


Tools & Frameworks for Quality

This module analyses structure, process and outcome as key areas of safety and quality in healthcare. Total Quality Management and Continuous Quality Improvement are explored. Quality tools and techniques are analysed and applied to practice and the use of teams for quality and safety is debated.


Evaluation, Measurement & Research

This module focuses on measurement tools most appropriate for quality and safety in healthcare. The following are some of the topics addressed: performance indicators, epidemiology and statistics, quality of life measurement.


Accreditation & Standards

This module will progress healthcare professionals’ knowledge of the process of assessment and certification to promote the attainment of best practice so that the patient’s journey through the health service is safe and of good quality. The accreditation process as an external audit of quality will be debated.


Clinical Governance

The focus of this module is on providing healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to implement a safe and quality service using a clinical governance approach. Clinical incident reporting, risk management, integrated care pathways and quality and the law will be debated in this module. The International Standards Organisation and the Six Sigma Process will also be discussed.


Leadership and Strategy

Different approaches to leadership and your preferred leadership style are explored here.  You learn how to design and implement strategy using a wide variety of tools.  Case studies are used to analyse the factors that contribute to the success or failure of strategic initiatives.


Year 2



Change management project

You will carry out a change or organisational development project that will impact positively on your workplace.  The project has 3 components: a project report, a poster presentation and a reflective diary.  The project is facilitated with action learning sets.