00Learning Outcomes of Professional Diploma in Clinical Leadership

Learning Outcomes

This programme will provide students with the skills and knowledge to: 

1. Critically analyse and discuss clinical leadership and management models in a healthcare setting.

2. Reflect on the feedback from their psychometric profile and how this information can inform and allow them to be more effective clinic leaders.

3. Critically and systematically analyse healthcare case studies and applying this learning to one’s own organisation.

4. Discuss the importance of developments in positive leadership and how these develop a resilient strengths based approach to maintaining a positive outlook to one’s clinical leadership role.

5. Capable of critically analyzing the roles of team members in a clinical team and how they can influence performance outcomes.

6. Critically apply the basic principles of management accounting, budgeting and activity based costing.

7. Critically discuss the importance of building and maintaining relationships across boundaries and maintaining networks for effective clinical leadership.

8. Apply and effectively manage a performance management system using a coaching methodology.

9. Critically evaluate and apply team effectiveness in relation to healthcare outcomes.

10. Critically debate change management theories and the challenges they present for clinical leaders.

11. Evaluate quality improvement methodologies / measures and demonstrate how they can impact healthcare delivery and outcomes. 

12 Critically discuss the principles and implementation of a patient safety culture and outcomes.

13. Develop and present an evidence based business case for a change or quality improvement in their clinical setting.