00Professional Diploma in clinical leadership, continuing professional development, RCSI Institute of Leadership


Module 1: The Clinical Leader - Understanding and Managing Oneself            (10 ECTS)

In order to operate as a leader in a clinical setting, professionals need to develop a significant level of insight into themselves, others and how organisations work. This is fundamental to all effective models of leadership. The aim of this module is to increase particiapants' self-knowledge and understanding of how they can devleop their competencies and capabilities to become an effective leader and manager in a clinical setting. 

Module 2: Leading People and Managing Resources in the Clinical Context    (10 ECTS)

Leading and managing people and teams are key capabilities for healthcare professionals. The ability to influence people and events in their clinical organisations and across boundaries is a key requirement. The aim of this module is to develop participants' knowledge and skills in managing human and financial resources.

Module 3: Leading Change and Quality Improvement in Health Services         (10 ECTS)

Clinical leaders and managers must keep pace with what is happening in the internal and external environment. In recent years the rapid pace of change and the increasing demand for quality healthcare systems and reduction in patient safety errors, presents real challenges for clinical leaders. Change management is a vital prerequisite for those hoping to lead change, quality or patient safety initiatives. The aim of this module is to provide participants with a number of change models and modern approaches to maximising quality and safety culture in their healthcare setting.