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Publications 2009

Breen M, Devereux E., McGee H, O'Boyle C, Goode H. (2009).  Suing the Pope and Scandalising the People: Irish Attitudes to Clergy Sexual Abuse. Irish Communications Review 11: 77-91


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Pitman, S. (2009).  An exploration of the relationship between measures of positive organisational behaviour (psychological capital and work engagement) and health service staff perceptions of patient safety culture.

Carolan, S. and Withero Ryan, P. (2009).  Midwifery workforce planning.

Chapters in Book

C, O’Boyle C.A. Quality of Life. In: Watson M, Lucas C, Hoy A, Wells J. (eds.) (2009) Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care. Oxford, Oxford University Press 2nd Ed, 2009, 51-59