00Graduate Testimonials for MSc Quality & Safety (Bahrain) l RCSI Leadership

Graduate Testimonials

96% had learned to apply principles from the programme to new situations at work.

My name is Rustom Bashtawi and I am currently working at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSH&RC) as an Infection Control Coordinator, I am grateful to have had the opportunity study and complete my MSc in Quality & Safety in Healthcare Management in November 2016 with RCSI/Bahrain.
I was constantly searching for ways to play an important role in improving healthcare services and looking for a graduate program that focus on patient safety as priority and infection control and prevention activities as the core of this concept, after reading about the Quality and Safety in Healthcare Management program, I decided to enroll right away.

It wasn't easy experience, working full time, having family, travelling from Riyadh to Bahrain. However, I truly enjoyed every moment. The modules and practical application of each new assignment of the course emphasis on the challenges in healthcare and how to overcome them, this experience was enriched by the various teaching styles and opened up my eyes to many changes that can be made in my department/organization, which can improve efficiency and compatible with infection control services to promote safe environment for patients, health care workers and visitors.

Personally, the MSc Quality and Safety in Healthcare Management program at RCSI has effectively helped me develop improvements to my personality as well as in my profession, I would strongly recommend it to any professional who is involved in the healthcare system.