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Why Study at RCSI Dubai?


It is important, when choosing a postgraduate qualification, to select your College carefully.  Potential employers will want to know, not only that you have a postgraduate qualification, but also that it is from a reputable University.  The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland has been in existence for over 220 years and we are known throughout the world for our excellence in educating health professionals at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We are a not-for-profit organization, dedicated exclusively to developing health professionals to the highest international standards. 


The programmes we offer at RCSI-Dubai meet the highest quality standards.  Our MSc programmes are accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) on behalf of the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. They are also internationally accredited by the National University of Ireland, which celebrated 100 years in existence earlier this year. Your qualification will be accredited and recognised internationally so that you can travel with your RCSI MSc. Our MSc degree programs are also the only UAE-based Level 9 programs of their kind accredited by the CAA.

International Experienced Faculty

Our MSc Programmes are offered in Ireland, the UAE and Bahrain.  The same lecturers teach the courses in the three locations. Students in all locations receive the same qualifications at the end of their studies.  Our lecturers are  experienced healthcare professionals. In addition to their management qualifications, they have qualifications in medicine, nursing, research, psychology, information technology, laboratory sciences business administration and finance. We understand management and leadership and we also know how to implement modern theories and models in the challenging and rapidly changing world of modern healthcare.


We understand that life can intrude on the most carefully laid plans, so we offer you the flexibility of completing your MSc programme within a 2 - 5 year timeframe.  In addition to this, if you successfully complete the first year of our MSc programmes and find that you are not able to continue with your studies, you may exit the programme with a Postgraduate Diploma in your chosen topic, accredited by the National University of Ireland and recognised internationally.  You may subsequently return to study and complete your MSc degree at a later date.

The programmes offered at RCSI Dubai are Characterised by Leadership thread, diverse student body, networking opportunity, action learning and action research

Practical Application

Our MSc programmes are practical and applied in nature. This means that, while you will learn about the theories and models of management, leadership, change and finance you will also develop the personal and professional skills to put theory into practice.  This is important and is often called 'Walking the Talk'.  Our programme assessments reflect this applied focus. You will undertake case studies, applied group and individual assignments, change projects, examinations and poster presentations. You will also participate in debates and action learning sets and you will learn to give excellent research presentations.

Inter-Professional Environment

Our programmes attract a diverse range of professionals working in healthcare.  Medical consultants, surgeons, hospitals administrators, doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, psychologists, accountants, laboratory technicians, scientists, clinic owners and health insurance, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry specialists are currently enrolled or have graduated from our programmes. 

Study Abroad

As our courses are offered in more than one location you will have the opportunity, subject to availability, to take some of your modules in another country.

Classroom-Based and Blended Learning

At RCSI–Dubai, we believe that classroom based learning is important.  Since we provide our MSc programmes for working healthcare professionals, our students bring a wealth of knowledge and experience into the classroom. Our programmes are highly participative and we encourage discussion, action learning and debate.  Classroom-based learning supplemented by our electronic learning portal affords you the opportunity to work from any location and network with your colleagues. 

Time Off Work

We understand the demands placed on healthcare professionals and we accommodate these by teaching a significant portion of our courses at weekends.  This means, for example, that over the course of the 2-year MSc programme you will only need to take off about 14 work days (if you work a Sunday – Thursday week).


We will provide you with your core textbooks for your chosen MSc programme.  You will also be given access to our award-winning online learning portal which contains all of your lecture notes, extra reading material, podcasts and video casts.  Our online learning portal also gives you the opportunity to participate in lively student forums.  

Exposure to Other Healthcare Systems

Because of our international network and faculty and the diverse mix of healthcare professionals who choose us for their professional development, our courses are popular with both local and expatriate communities.  There is a strong international mix to our student body and exposure to other healthcare systems is significant.