Institute Staff

Title: DrDr
Name: Elaine Byrne
Department: Institute of Leadership
Role in Institute: Senior Lecturer/Research Co-ordinator
Location: Ireland
Elaine has lived and worked in the Southern African region from 1987 to 2008, when she returned to Ireland to work with the RCSI on Irish-Africa collaborative health systems research projects and lecture in qualitative research methodology. Her previous work experience was in the areas of lecturing and social development projects in education and health, having worked with the Zimbabwean Ministry of Higher Education, UN agencies, Non-Governmental Organisations, and the South African National Department of Health. Academic positions held included: Lecturer at DCU 1986/87; Senior Lecturer, Harare Polytechnic, Zimbabwe, 1990 - 1994, and; Senior Lecturer, University of Pretoria, South Africa, 2005-2008.
Phone: (ext) +353 1 402 2183