Institute Staff

Title: MsMs
Name: Tina Joyce
Department: Institute of Leadership
Role in Institute: Programme Director (Jordan)
Location: Ireland
Tina is Programme Director for the Masters in Health Services Management, Jordan. Originally qualified as a laboratory scientist, she holds an MBA in Health Services Management, an MSc (by research) and Diplomas in Development Studies, Humanitarian Assistance and in Biomedical Sciences. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences (UK) and the Academy of Medical Laboratory Science (Ireland). In 2003, Tina was seconded for two years to the Irish Office for Health Management/HSE where she worked as part of the Change Management and Organisational Development team, managing the national Communication and Consultation programme as well as working with the primary care implementation teams and the HSE Service Governance team. Tina is widely experienced in international health, having been academic director of the International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance based in Geneva and New York, a member of the RCSI research team that pioneered solar disinfection of drinking water in Africa and Malaysia and having taught for many years in the College's international degree programmes. Her main areas of interest are management and organisational development, teams, leadership development, international and national health systems and policy.
Phone: (ext) +353 1 402 2484