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RCSI Alumni Conference “Investing in Human Capital” takes place in Dubai.

We are delighted with the successful RCSI Alumni Conference “Investing in Human Capital”, a two-day event that took place last week in the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Academic Medical Centre in Dubai Healthcare City. The conference was opened by Dr. Mohammad Al Redha, Chairperson of RCSI UAE Alumni Chapter.  The first talk, titled “Educating Healthcare Leaders to Make a Difference Worldwide”, was presented by Professor Ciaran O’Boyle, Director of the RCSI Institute of Leadership. Professor O’Boyle focused on issues such as the changing nature of healthcare, models of human nature and leadership and the emerging nature of “thinking organizations”. 

Professor David Whitford, Head of School of Postgraduate Studies & Research and Professor of Family & Community Medicine at RCSI Bahrain, followed with a presentation entitled Research and Postgraduate Opportunities in Healthcare.

Mr. Colm McLoughlin, Executive Vice Chairman of Dubai Duty Free (DDF) gave an insightful talk on leadership in the context of the development of DDF.  DDF opened for business 30 years ago with 100 staff and has grown to become one of the leading airport retailers in the world, with 6000 staff and sales turnover of Dhs6.65 billion (US$1.8 billion) in 2013. 

Colm McLouglin

 Our photo shows l-r Dr Mohammad Al Redha, Mr Colm McLoughlin & Professor Ciaran O'Boyle

 Following lunch, Dr Alice McGarvey, Vice Dean for Career Development in RCSI delivered a presentation on the rollout of the new mentor network for RCSI medical students.  Dr Mary Collins, Senior Executive Development Specialist with RCSI Institute of Leadership got the questions flowing with her presentation on “Leading and Managing Generation Y”, a topic that seems to particularly exercise Generation X!

Leadership, in the context of setting up a kidney transplant program in Dubai Hospital, was the focus of Dr Farhad Kheradmand Aljanahi’s entertaining talk.  Dr Farhad is Specialist Urologist and Transplant Surgeon at Dubai Hospital and is an RCSI alumnus.

Dr Amer Sharif, Managing Director of Education at Dubai Healthcare City is also an RCSI alumnus and he closed the first day’s proceedings with a thought-provoking keynote lecture on “Leadership for Career Development in Healthcare - the UAE perspective”.

Day 2 was started with a practical seminar on “Leading Self and Others”, presented by Dr Mary Collins and Dr Pauline Connolly. The latter is a new Senior Lecturer based at the RCSI Institute of Leadership in Dubai.  The in-depth focus on MBTI personality indicators and Belbin’s team roles gave delegates food for thought.


RCSI staff and particpants at the event.

Professor O’Boyle gave the final presentation of the conference on “Values Based Leadership”, a sobering and challenging, but ultimately uplifting call for leaders to enunciate their own values and those of their organisations and to use these as the anchors for their vision, mission and strategy.

Dr Al Redha closed the conference in his mellifluous style and Professor O’Boyle expressed the College’s profound gratitude to Dr Al Redha and the other members of the Committee for an excellent conference.