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RCSI Institute of Leadership train 15 Master Trainers for COSECSA

Last week in Nairobi, the RCSI Institute of Leadership trained 15 Master COSECSA Trainers from Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Kenya. During the 4 day training programme they were trained on how adults learn, making an effective presentation, how to give and receive feedback from surgical residents, teaching a clinical skill, running effective learning discussions and the surgical trainer as a leader in society.

Mr Dermot  O'Flynn, Director of Professional Development at the RCSI Institute of Leadership said "It was a pleasure to run this programme for COSECSA who now have 15 surgical trainers who are qualified to deliver the one day COSECSA Train the Trainer course in their countries. This programme is part of the IOL's corporate social responsibility and we look forward to providing further development courses in Africa in the future."



Mr Dermot O'Flynn (L) with participants on the programme.