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HSE Productive Ward Group Filming At the Institute of Leadership

In January 2012, the Office of the Nursing and Midwifery Services Director (ONMSD), in collaboration with the Clinical Strategy and Programmes Directorate of the HSE, launched the National Productive Ward: Releasing Time to Care™ (The Productive Ward) initiative in the Republic of Ireland.  The Productive Ward is based on the principles of ‘Lean thinking’ whereby staff are empowered to improve their working environments and work processes for themselves and their patients.  
As a national initiative the Productive Ward is currently in a period of transition with plans to transfer co-ordination of the improvement methodology to the Hospital Groups by December 2014.  To facilitate this transition, work has commenced on the Improving Quality Exchange (IQX) Hub which will be located on HSELand, the on-site learning portal for health service employees in Ireland.   

Miriam Bell Project Lead said “ The idea for the Hub was initially to develop a site specifically to host the Productive Ward. However the potential for collaboration soon became apparent and agreement has been reached to broaden the scope of the Hub to include The Productive Operating Theatre (TPOT) and Clinical Microsystems (CMS).  Discussions have also taken place between the IQX Hub project team and Quality and Patient Safety Directorate with a view to the possibility of future collaboration. At this point work is focused on the Productive Ward element with a ‘go-live’ date of 24th October 2014. We spent the day in the Institute of Leadership filming teams to showcase their improvement work, share their learning and communicate with one another to facilitate the progression of new improvement initiatives. It will be of benefit to existing Productive Ward Teams and also to teams who are interested in engaging with the Productive Ward for the first time”

Productive Ward 

Our photo shows (l-r) Miriam Bell, Project Officer, NMPDU, HSE South, Joanne Glover, Acting CNM3, The Coombe Hospital, Raphael McMullin, Project Officer, NMPDU Mid Leinster & Fidelma McSweeney, Acting Director of Nursing, Coombe Hospital.