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Dr Mary Collins delivers opening HSE HR Masterclass series lecture

Leading and managing generation Y - how to motivate and engage really smart people was explored at the Masterclass given by Dr Mary Collins, Senior Executive Development Specialist at the Institute of Leadership. This was the first in the HSE HR Leadership Masterclass in the 2015 Series which was delivered to more than 150 health professionals at the Irish Management Institute on Friday 20th February. 


Our photo shows Mr Ian Tegerdine, interim HR Director HSE, Dr Mary Collins and Mr Declan Hynes, HSE.

Dr Collins shared her insights on leading and managing 'Generation Y' (i.e. those born after 1980) based on her doctoral research involving an in-depth study of over 500 professionals from this cohort. The lecture provided an overview of the intergenerational challenges in the modern workplace and practical strategies were shared to enhance engagement and performance levels of this cohort.  


Our photo shows Ms Paula Lawler Deputy National Director of HR, Mr Ian Tegerdine, Dr Mary Collins and Ms Caroline O'Regan, Assistant National Director, Leadership Education & Development, HSE.