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National Seminar Series: Intergenerational Learning February 13th 2015

The seminar focused on how best to understand and engage intergenerational learners. For the first time in working history, we now have 4 different generations working together. This has created lots of challenges in relation to management, leadership and team dynamics. The seminar focused on the challenges and opportunities of having a mix of generations learning together. Strategies to enhance engagement levels, with a particular focus on ‘Generation Y’ were explored. The session took the format of a facilitated workshop with lots of peer sharing and learning.


  • Dr. Mary Collins, RCSI Institute of Leadership – ‘Mind the Gap’: Intergenerational Workplace Overview.
  • Dr. Ciaran McMahon, RCSI Institute of Leadership – Social Media; Potentials & Pitfalls.
  • Dr Trudy Corrigan, School of Education Studies, DCU.
  • Jane Babb, Arthur Cox – Generation Y Coaching Case Study 
  • Lisa Smith, Engage Smith – Reflections from a Millennial

Our photo shows Dr Mary Collins and Ms Lisa Smith