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MSc Leadership Participants 2014 – 2016 attend final module year 1

MSc Leadership participants attended their final module – Leadership Skills for Future Professionals as part of their first year. The subject areas included in the module were Positive organisational Behaviour, Optimum Workforce Planning, Decision Making and Organisational Well Being.

 Class reps

Pictured are Paul Marley & Sharon Larkin, class representatives with Prof Ciaran O'Boyle. 

Programme Participant and Class Representative Paul Marley said “The academic year has flown by, we have a strong networked group and we worked well together and plan to keep in touch over the summer to keep the momentum going.

Professor Ciarán O’Boyle said “Our MSc Leadership participants are from various sectors and the interprofessional dialogue and experience is really beneficial. I take this opportunity to wish all of our MSc participants well and look forward to seeing them again in September 2015."


The MSc in Leadership class.