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Rashid Hospital Dubai Healthcare Professionals visit RCSI Dublin.

RCSI Institute of Leadership Dubai and the Institute of Leadership Dublin encourage alumni activity on an ongoing basis.

Ms Ayisha Hassan Al Hamadi, Ms Aydah Belal Jameel Ghanim Al Ali, Mr Rami Dewair and Mr Cyril Kumar , took part in a two-day visit to the RCSI and Beaumont Hospital Dublin on August 6 and 7th 2015.

The two-day visit included a guided tour of RCSI Dublin provided by Frank Donegan, Head Porter, a Dublin City Tour and a day in Beaumont Hospital visiting the laboratory and the Surgical directorate.

Cyril Kumar said “It was a great two days, it provided good exchange of information as well as networking opportunities, we really enjoyed the visit.

 Dubai Medical lab scientists

Our photo shows Mr Rami Dewair, Mr Cyril Kumar, Ms Ayisha Hassan Al Hamadi and Ms Aydah Belal Jameel Ghanim Al Ali.