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First module of the MSc in Leadership class 2015 commences

Forty-nine Health Care Professionals commenced direct contact days at the Institute of Leadership as part of MSc Leadership 2015.

The group includes Registered Nurse and Midwives, Doctors, Allied Health Professionals, Administrators, Educators and Researchers.

The programme focuses on the development of individual participants and their roles in their organisations. It encourages the development of the students as reflective practitioners with the skills, confidence and awareness necessary to identify and implement evidence-based management and leadership in healthcare management and related settings.

Programme participant Fiona Brady, Assistant Director of Nursing , Our Lady Of Lourdes Hospital , Drogheda said “I am delighted to be part of the programme – we have a very dynamic group, there is shared learning and an emphasis on application of knowledge to our settings.“


Our photo shows Dr Maria Frampton, Alumni of the Institute and Ms Fiona Maye, Occupational Therapist, National Rehabilitation Hospital.

Our photo shows Ms Sheila McGuinness, Group Director of Nursing RCSI Hospitals Group, Christina Ruedell Reshcke RCSI Department of Physiology, Ms Fiona Mitchell, RCSI SARA  Office & Dr Ameya Jagtap, Surgical Tutor Beaumont Hospital.

For further information please see www.rcsileadership.org/MSc_Leadership