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World expert on workplace engagement to address RCSI Institute of Leadership Lecture Series

World renowned expert on the psychology of work, Professor Michael Leiter, from the Centre for Organizational Research & Development (CORD), Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada, was the guest speaker at the RCSI Institute of Leadership Lecture Series on Thursday, 14th April 2016. Professor Leiter’s ground-breaking research on job burnout and work engagement has produced widely acclaimed books. He consults with organizations and researchers around the world in a concerted commitment to improving worklife quality. Together with co-author Dr. Christina Maslach, he coined the term "work engagement" as the antithesis to burnout. The lecture was delivered to 70 healthcare professionals and academics.


Our photo shows (l-r) Mr Steve Pitman, IOL, Mr Declan McCarthy, ADON Cork Mental Health Services , Prof Michael Leiter & Prof Ciaran O'Boyle, IOL.

Professor Leiter’s talk focued on civility, respect and work engagement. Civility and respect are fundamental interpersonal skills to promote an engaged and flourishing workplace for employees, customers and other stakeholders.  Dr Leiter detailed how designed workplace interventions in the area of civility and respect have been shown to have a lasting impact, bringing about improvements in job satisfaction, organisational commitment, trust and burnout.

Professor Ciaran O’Boyle, Head of the RCSI Institute of Leadership said: ‘It was a great pleasure to invite Professor Leiter to the RCSI Institute of Leadership. His presence is timely in that both the Institute and RCSI are increasingly focusing on developments emanating from positive psychology and positive organisational behaviour.’ 


Our phtoto shows (l-r) Mr Steve Pitman, RCSI, Dr Yseult Freeney, DCU, Prof Sarah-Jane Cullinane, TCD, Prof Michael Leiter, Declan McCarthy, HSE & Dr Janine Bosak, DCU.