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Our Institute's vision is to facilitate improvements in the performance of healthcare organisations in Ireland and internationally through the conduct of high quality, collaborative healthcare management research. Our priority research interests are in the areas of patient safety, healthcare management, leadership and quality.

These areas have been under-researched in Ireland and the Report of the Commission on Patient Safety and Quality Assurance (2008) recently recommended an active research programme on patient safety and quality for Ireland. In addition, the importance of management and leadership training for patient safety was emphasised by this report. 

Since the Institute’s inception in 2005, we have gained expertise in measuring patient safety culture and we are currently assessing the quality of care in a number of hospitals. We conduct commissioned and collaborative research studies on behalf of the public and private sector agencies and organisations. Recent projects have been funded by the Irish Hospice Foundation, Dublin Fire Brigade, the Dublin Academic Teaching Hospitals and the RCSI.

A Patient Safety Online Programme for Doctors, developed by the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland and Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, and funded by the HSE through the Forum of Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies was launched on the 23rd of September at the Patient Safety First Seminar, held by the Department of Health and Children.

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